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HEY GUYS I know I haven’t been active here due to school, but this blog isn’t dead and I promise I’ll be posting more stuff soon.

ANYWAY, I’m about to conduct an experiment/create an ARTWORK on social media for school work and I’m going to be posting something here. I hope you guys will take part in it and please help me out! PLEASE BE COOLIOS AND HELP ME OUT THANKS!!!

I haven’t been posting much because of school. Here’s a few things I did during print making class.

2 years worth of visual collection from this festival and counting.
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Is a fantastic documentary/film and everyone should watch it

@veranting YOUR JIRO

School’s started: favourite class so far.

(I don’t actually know how to do any of the other classes)
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Is a fantastic documentary/film and everyone should watch it

Don’t lose your waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

CONTROL YOURSELF is a mini-project I worked on much earlier this year.

The idea for this series is simple: it’s about controlling one’s own irrationalities to the point of forcefully imposing rationality upon irrational things.

It’s mainly shown through the juxtaposition in geometric structures against a mess of other things. The white geometric shapes and lines in the foreground can be seen as a representation of the very thing that occurs in the painting behind it, or as an added stress value to the girl in the background.

Another bonus thing in doing this project was that in the same vein of ‘controlling’ one’s own self, I tried to control the way I coloured. The fragmented colouring style (e.g., the girl’s arm in being made out of various angular shapes in peach and pink colour) was done intentionally to further pursue the idea of control. On one hand, it could be seen as an excessive attempt to break the parts of an organic being down into shapes, once again emphasizing on forced structure and solidity. On the other hand, it was also restricting myself in how I was allowed to blend the colours. I usually blend my colours with soft brushes, but for this I forced myself to use a solid brush.

It may be viewed as a series or separate. The works titles are as in order:

Control Yourself

Cliched Identity


Party Poppers / Compress

I’m Tired

Finish Yourself