My name is Denise & I doodle a lot. Doodles and sketches of things go here, and I usually post once a week.
Current fandom Homestuck, Dangan Ronpa, and Super Dangan Ronpa 2, Kill la KILL, Ace Attorney, Tengen Toppa Gurren Langannm FLCL and original Art.
ALSO, this is mostly an ART BLOG, but I reblog some stuff now and then.
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In order:

Sugawara Koushi from Haikyuu + #01

Komaeda Nagito from Super Dangan Ronpa 2 + #05

Teshima Junta from Yowamushi Pedal + #10

Naegi Makoto + Izuru Kamukura from Dangan Ronpa series + #10

Jason Todd from DC comics + #06

  • note: for this drawing I heavily referenced one of my favourite artists. I did not mean to plagiarize, I only meant it as a learning practice for myself.

Uzu Sanageyama from Kill la KILL + #01

Palette meme requests from my twitter gang! I’ll be starting the tumblr requests soon!

As you can see I clearly cheated with all the colour blending (and I even used overlay for one of them)

I’m currently not taking anymore requests because I ended up getting 20 requests in total for the colour palette meme which is like, with my snail drawing speed of 1 drawing per 6 hours, it’s way too scary for me ;u; But I’ll do my best to finish them all. Thank you to all those who’ve sent in your requests!


(I LOVE FMA SO SO SO MUCH rant under tags!)

(via thebeckside)

Bad art to match with my bad thoughts

I’m super slow on the band wagon but please send me in some!

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OKAY BUT JUST IMAGINE 15/16 year old teenager Edgeworth on HIS VERY FIRST (PRACTICE???) CASE AND HE’S trying to be all cool like ‘of course I’m perfect I won’t mess up” but inside of course he’s slightly nervous and all and this is slightly OOC but JUST IMAGINE

(dives headfirst into a new fandom hello)

Back from camp, have some blop blop sketchbook pages.

Dangan ronpa girls date out!

(If you think any part of the fashion looks terrible it’s my fault I don’t really have much fashion sense)

siowjun asked: Hey Denise! Found you via Roy (factory1611)'s instagram. I think your digital painting's got really great potential! Almost Sachin Teng standard. Keep drawing/painting! Cheers!

Oh, hello! Eh, how do you know Roy + How did you find my through his instagram woah. And that’s so sweet of you to say thank you so much! Sachin Teng is one of my favourite artists and I’m no where near that art level but I’ll keep drawing and painting. Thank you!

kollerss asked: omg do satsuki too please~~!!!!

I’D LIKE TO TOO BUT [procrastinating noises] i’LL TRY

kollerss asked: sigh such amazing work~